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About Us

A bio-secure shellfish hatchery committed to sustainability and innovation

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About Us

A bio-secure shellfish hatchery committed to sustainability and innovation

About Us

Our Story

Orkney Shellfish Hatchery is a state-of-the-art aquaculture facility, providing premium shellfish products including European flat oyster spat to the aquaculture/restoration market.

Grown in the remote Orkney Islands, surrounded by the pristine Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans and vast rolling green fields, our purpose-built facility provides the perfect environment for the production of clean, healthy and sustainable hatchery-raised shellfish products.

Ensuring our products are disease-free is top of our agenda, as it is paramount that shellfish used for restoration purposes are clean and healthy.

Through our work and continuous innovation, we aim to support shellfish restoration projects, not only within our local community but on an international scale.

This is how aquaculture is transforming the seafood industry and we are pleased to be playing an important role in that change - leading the way with our sustainable, responsible, and innovative operations.

Our Mission

It is our mission to become the market-leading producer of the highest quality European flat oyster spat, supporting and supplying the UK and European shellfish restoration market.

Meet Our Team

Dr Nik Sachlikidis

Dr Nik Sachlikidis is one of the world’s leading aquaculture and fisheries experts, bringing more than 20 years of practical experience in the government and commercial fisheries and aquaculture sectors. He has previously held a range of scientific leadership roles in industry-science based partnerships focused on the development of lobster aquaculture techniques and technology and has worked in aid programs throughout South-East Asia. In his role at Orkney Shellfish Hatchery, Nik is responsible for the implementation of the hatchery’s sustainability agenda and strategy, with the development of additional aquaculture products as a priority. He is a passionate advocate for sustainable global seafood production and an enthusiastic team builder and mentor.

Dr Matthew Johnston

With over two decades of global experience developing sustainable and eco-friendly nutrition and feed solutions for the aquaculture industry, Dr Matthew Johnston brings a wealth of knowledge in hatchery and grow-out feed development. Matthew is an advocate of sustainably and responsibly-sourced feed additives and ingredients and shares our enthusiasm to play a leading role in the global shift towards sustainable aquaculture.

Raimund Weber

Raimund Weber is an animal geneticist by training, whose passion for aquaculture has seen him consulting throughout southern Africa on various aquaculture projects focusing initially on Tilapia and Catfish, culminating in managing an oyster farm north of Cape Town before emigrating. Raimund recently relocated to pursue his vocation and is responsible for overseeing all hatchery operations.

Hannah Wright

Hannah is a strong conservation professional with a MSc focussed on marine environmental studies. She holds a wide portfolio of conceptual and practical skills with an up-to-date understanding of ecology, population biology and conservation practices. Hannah is particularly passionate about the restoration of European oyster populations.

Callum Henagulph

Benefitting from significant experience in the aquaculture industry, with a specific focus on the cultivation of clawed lobster, Callum is responsible for running the hatchery’s lobster research and development program. From on-growing lobster using high-end equipment, to researching and implementing best hatchery practises and systems, Callum plays a pivotal role in our ambition to produce high quality lobster here at our hatchery.

Stewart Beattie

Boasting an impressive array of aquaculture knowledge, built through experience gained in previous research and hatchery roles, Stewart is responsible for assisting with the cultivation of oyster spat. In addition, Stewart has a thorough understanding of the latest aquaculture technologies, therefore plays an important role in preserving the hatchery’s state-of-the-art equipment.

What we do and why we do it

Orkney Shellfish Hatchery was established in 2018 to fill a supply gap in the UK oyster spat market. As our hatchery and team has grown and developed, we have extended our operations to also focus on the sustainable production of European clawed lobsters, an area that is still in the development phase at our hatchery. Though progressing, our primary aim has not changed - we are here to supply the UK and European restoration market with the premium products they need to successfully replenish wild shellfish stocks.

Our team of professionals are always on hand to assist. To get in touch, call us on 01604 695816.

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